Friday, May 15, 2009

"Saint Stealth" Fille Saint Cainglet

Open spiker
Jersey #15
Ateneo De Manila University
Offense: 6 stars
Defense: 5 stars

Make way for the Saint!

Perhaps when you see the Ateneo De Manila University Lady Eagles at the courts you'll probably miss Pat Taganas and Carla Bello.

It will never be the same again.

The ADMU squad has struggled without Charo Soriano in the UAAP Volleyball League who was the heart and soul of their reign. Bea Pascual then had shouldered the spot. And she's doing a good job. But still, a "missing link" shuddered their campaign.

But as always, prayers were answered. Heaven has sent his saint.

Indeed, as her name denotes, Fille Saint Cainglet responsed. Coming off from being an average player, she proves both to the fans and the critics that she's not just another pretty face but a true gunner.

Her spikes dart like an eagle surging fearlessly. She delivers when the time calls for it. Attack or defense, name it she got it.

Along side with marquee hitters Gretchen Ho and Jam Ferrer, and the comebacking force, Ma. Rosario Soriano in the V-league, Cainglet provides a vital power to the roster.

Yes, it will never be the same again... It's just getting better.

Hail to the Saint!
Soar high Ateneo!


  1. Ei Fille you are so very pretty. Hope ill see you in personal someday and maybe invite you to a date. hehehe.

  2. Miss Fille Merced... may xota knba. kung wala pa tau nlng ..jajaj jowk lang. I admire you because you play well .. keep up the good work and sana kau mgchampion ngaun season 72..

    j0e_Nas 15

  3. ....hey guys...
    ..make a way 4 me..
    . I'm jheny,FILLE's #1 fan..
    haha,,mga faith fille over there,txt nyo q...
    09308031364..haha,pakilala kaung faith fille ha..

  4. ...cute ni fille idol nmen yn
    could i treat u je je je
    mkulet k b

  5. hi fille!
    galing mo..
    you're the best volleyball player.
    thank u sa mga ngawa for admu..
    love lots.

  6. surgical attacks that hit where no defender is around.... amazing talent and beauty. always a pleasure to watch your games win or loose.